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Meeting Name: Board of Supervisors Agenda status: Final
Meeting date/time: 1/18/2022 9:00 AM Minutes status: Draft  
Meeting location: Virtual Meeting
Published agenda: Agenda and Addendum Agenda and Addendum Published minutes: Summaries Summaries  
Attachments: ADD3_BOS_CAMemo_ResponsetoBOS-COVIDTesting_1-18-22, ADD3_BOS_RevisedCAMemo_ResponsetoBOS-COVIDTesting_1-19-22, ADD3_BOS_CAMemo_ResponsetoBOS-COVIDservicesinAjo_1-26-22, ADD10_GR_GTAP 22-96_CAMemo_ClayTargetCenter_2-11-22, ADD4_BOS_CAMemo_ResponsetoInquiryaboutBectonDickinsonPermit_2-16-22
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File ID 13984 11. Addendum Presentation of the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award from the Government Finance Officers Association to the Pima County Finance and Risk Management Department. (District 3)   Not Available
File ID 13905 15. Agenda ItemPursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.03(A) (3) and (4), for legal advice and direction regarding discussion of the 2022 redistricting process.   Not Available
File ID 13877 17. Agenda ItemUNFINISHED BUSINESS (12/21/21) Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations Discussion/Direction/Action: Requesting an update on the Sustainable Action Plan for County Operations, first adopted in 2014 and updated in 2018. (Sustainability Programs Division - Pima County) How are we doing in terms of implementing the goals and objectives outlined in the Plan? How are sustainable practices being incorporated across all departments? What have been the greatest challenges, and where do we need to go from here? (District 2)   Not Available
File ID 13882 18. Agenda ItemUNFINISHED BUSINESS (12/21/21) PAYGO Policy, Full Funding by FY25 Discussion/Direction/Action: Directing the Acting County Administrator and County staff to revise the County’s current PAYGO Policy from a 60/60 framework to 80/80, effective for the FY23 Budget cycle, in order to achieve full funding of the County’s PAYGO program (defined as at least $50M each year of recurring General Fund revenues for capital improvements) by FY25. Under this revision, 80% of the decrease in the secondary tax rate (which is decreasing as Pima County pays off its General Obligation Bond debt) combined with 80% of the growth in the primary tax base, will be allocated to funding capital improvements, as envisioned in the Pima County Integrated Infrastructure Plan (see executive summary attached). This revision to the PAYGO Policy will accelerate the ability of the County to undertake and execute much needed capital improvements, from streets and roads to parks, public health and public safety - including tackling deferred maintenance projects and saving the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars down   Not Available
File ID 13901 19. Agenda ItemUNFINISHED BUSINESS (12/21/21, 1/4/22 and 1/18/22) Land Acknowledgement Statement Discussion/Action: Propose that the Board of Supervisors have a brief "Land Acknowledgement" statement at the beginning of each meeting, right after the Pledge of Allegiance. A Land Acknowledgment is a formal statement that recognizes and respects Indigenous Peoples as traditional stewards of this land and the enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories. Here are examples of such a land acknowledgment: "We respectfully acknowledge that Pima County is the land and territories of Indigenous peoples. Today, Arizona is home to 22 federally recognized tribes, with Tucson being home to the O'odham and the Yaqui. Committed to diversity and inclusion, Pima County strives to build sustainable relationships with sovereign Native Nations and Indigenous communities through education offerings, partnerships, and community service." "We would like to acknowledge the traditional, ancestral, unceded ancestral territory of the Tohono O'odham and Pascua Yaqui people,    Not Available
File ID 13971 110. Agenda ItemWorkforce Investment Board Local Workforce Development Board Recertification Staff and the Pima County Workforce Investment Board (WIB) recommend approval of the revised Shared Governance Agreement and WIB By-laws.   Not Available
File ID 13967 111. Agenda ItemFinal Plat With Assurances P21FP00020, Weissman Ridge, Lots 1-201 and Common Area “A”. (District 4)   Not Available
File ID 13968 112. Agenda ItemFinal Plat With Assurances P21FP00021, Rocking K South Neighborhood 3, Parcel DD, Lots 1-121 and Common Areas “A and B”. (District 4)   Not Available
File ID 13829 113. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Liquor License Job No. 167075, Michael James DiGiacomo, Mario McGee’s Pizza, 101 S. La Canada Drive, No. 19, Green Valley, Series 12, Restaurant, New License.   Not Available
File ID 13884 114. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Liquor License Job No. 174423, Jared Michael Repinski, LPT Quik Mart No. 1316, 13142 E. Colossal Cave Road, Vail, Series 9, Liquor Store, Person Transfer.   Not Available
File ID 13959 115. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Rezoning P21RZ00016, MARKLAND INVESTMENTS, L.L.C., ET AL. - N. LA CHOLLA BOULEVARD REZONING Markland Investments, L.L.C., et al., represented by Paradigm Land Design, L.L.C., request a rezoning of approximately 4.5 acres from the SR (Suburban Ranch) to the TR (Transitional) zone, Parcel Codes 101-09-020A and 101-09-1970, located at the northwest corner of the T-lntersection of N. La Cholla Boulevard and W. Rudasill Road. The proposed rezoning conforms to the Pima County Comprehensive Plan which designates the property for Medium Intensity Urban. On motion, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 9-0 (Commissioner Hanna was absent) to recommend APPROVAL SUBJECT TO STANDARD AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS. Staff recommends APPROVAL SUBJECT TO STANDARD AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS. (District 1)   Not Available
File ID 13960 116. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Rezoning P21RZ00017, THALMA, L.L.C. - W. INA ROAD REZONING Thalma, L.L.C., requests a rezoning from CR-1 (Single Residence) to TR (Transitional) zone on approximately .83 acres. The property is located on the north side of W. Ina Road, approximately 170 feet east of the T-Intersection of N. Leonardo DaVinci Way and W. Ina Road addressed as 1102 W. Ina Road. The proposed rezoning conforms to the Pima County Comprehensive Plan which designates the property for Low Intensity Urban 1.2. On motion, the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 9-0 (Commissioner Hanna was absent) to recommend APPROVAL SUBJECT TO STANDARD AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS. Staff recommends APPROVAL SUBJECT TO STANDARD AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS. (District 1)   Not Available
File ID 13961 117. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Rezoning Closure Co9-07-20, SAHUARITA CORNERS, L.P./EQUIVEST PROPERTIES, L.P. - KOLB ROAD REZONING Seth Hoyte, represented by Kale Investment Company, L.L.C., requests closure of a 20.0-acre portion of rezoning Co9-07-20 (Parcel Codes 305-22-1000, 305-22-1030, 305-22-1050 and 305-22-1060), located on the west side of the S. Kolb Road alignment, approximately one-half mile north of E. Sahuarita Road. The original 149.7-acre rezoning was from the RH (Rural Homestead) to the GR-1 (Rural Residential) zone located on the northwest corner of Sahuarita Road and the Kolb Road alignment. The rezoning was conditionally approved in 2010 and expired on April 16, 2015. Staff recommends CLOSURE. (District 4)   Not Available
File ID 13962 118. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Conditional Use Permit P21CU00006, JUAREZ - E. SAHUARITA ROAD Request of Anthony and Rosalinda Juarez, et al., on property located at 7099 East Sahuarita Road, in the RH (Rural Homestead) zone, for a Type II Conditional Use Permit for an RV storage facility, in accordance with Section 18.13.030B39 of the Pima County Zoning Code. Staff and the Hearing Administrator recommend APPROVAL. (District 4)   Not Available
File ID 13963 119. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Plat Note Modification Co12-93-11, SABINO ESTATES AT SABINO SPRINGS (LOT 42) Mark and Michelle Beres, represented by Randy Gilliam, request a plat note modification of restrictive administrative control note #20(B) to increase the area of the development envelope from 9,200 square feet to 11,000 square feet on Lot 42 (1.04 acres) of the Sabino Estates at Sabino Springs Subdivision (Bk. 45, Pg. 07), a portion of the Sabino Springs Specific Plan. The subject property is zoned SP (BZ) (Specific Plan - Buffer Overlay Zone) and is located on the north side of E. Sabino Estates Drive, approximately one mile east of the intersection of N. Bowes Road and E. Sabino Estates Drive, addressed as 10215 E. Sabino Estates Drive. Staff recommends APPROVAL. (District 1)   Not Available
File ID 13964 120. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Rezoning Ordinance ORDINANCE NO. 2022 - 1, P21RZ00001, Ramirez - S. Sheridan Avenue Rezoning. Owner: Michelle Ramirez. (District 5)   Not Available
File ID 13965 121. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Rezoning Ordinance ORDINANCE NO. 2022 - 2, P21RZ00006, Hernandez/Noriega - W. Michigan Street Rezoning. Owners: Jesus Hernandez and Ana Noriega. (District 3)   Not Available
File ID 13966 122. Public Hearing ItemHearing - Rezoning Resolution RESOLUTION NO. 2022 - 1, Co9-15-04, Landmark Title TR 18109 - W. Sunset Road Rezoning. Owner: Landmark Title TR 18109. (District 3)   Not Available
File ID 13944 123. Public Hearing ItemUNFINISHED BUSINESS (1/18/22) Hearing - Proposed Revisions to RWRD Engineering Design Standards 2022 and RWRD Standard Specifications and Details for Construction 2022 Staff recommends approval and adoption of the proposed revisions to the "Engineering Design Standards 2022" and "Standard Specifications and Details for Construction 2022" as the minimum standards acceptable for the design and construction of all sanitary sewer facilities, which, are to be incorporated into the County sewerage system. (All Districts)   Not Available
File ID 13980 12. Addendum Cash Bail Presentation Presentation/Discussion/Action: Proposed Modifications to Arizona’s Cash Bail System. Presentation by Amelia Cramer, Chair, Criminal Justice Committee, NAACP Tucson Branch Executive Committee. Discussion of proposal to eliminate money bail as a condition of pre-trial release from jail for non-violent crimes. Action regarding possible support of legislation in the 2022 Arizona Legislative Session. Attachment 1 - Cash Bail Reform. Attachment 2 - Eliminate money bail in Arizona. Attachment 3 - Bail Reform - NAACP one page summary. Attachment 4 - Report on Recommendations on Cash Bail Reform. (District 3)   Not Available
File ID 13987 13. Addendum COVID Testing Discussion/Direction/Action: COVID testing capacity expansion, testing sites security, take home test kits capacity and their distribution, mobile testing in rural areas, testing funding needs. (District 3)   Not Available
File ID 13990 14. Addendum Minimum Requirements for Becton, Dickinson and Company Facility RESOLUTION NO. 2022 - 2, of the Board of Supervisors, recommending minimum requirements for the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality's Air Quality Permit for Becton, Dickinson and Company to operate a medical products sterilization facility using ethylene oxide, a substance that is carcinogenic as well as highly flammable and explosive. (District 5)   Not Available
File ID 13985 15. Addendum Revisions to Personnel Policy Staff requests approval of the proposed revisions to Personnel Policy No. 8-107, Special Leaves of Absence with Pay.   Not Available
File ID 13977 16. Addendum Partners in Health, to provide for consultation for COVID-19 K-12 School Reopening Program, CDC and ADHS Funds, contract amount $250,000.00 (CT-HD-22-204)   Not Available
File ID 13988 17. Addendum Award Award: Master Agreement No. MA-PO-22-84, World Dining, L.L.C. (Headquarters: Tucson, AZ) to provide for food service county congregate and non-congregate shelters. This Master Agreement is for a term of one (1) year in the award amount of $1,455,300.00. Funding Source: ARPA CLFRF Funds. Administering Department: Grants Management and Innovation.   Not Available
File ID 13989 18. Addendum Award Award: Master Agreement No. MA-PO-22-86, Stratus Point Global, L.L.C. (Headquarters: Northbrook, IL), to provide for COVID-19 AG Binax Now Card Test Kits. This Master Agreement is for an initial term of one (1) year in the annual award amount of $455,000.00 (including tax) and includes four (4) one-year renewal options. Funding Source: ARPA Fund. Administering Department: Health.   Not Available
File ID 13991 19. Addendum Acceptance - Justice Services John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, to provide for the Safety and Justice Challenge Focused Racial Equity Cohort, $238,849.00/2 year term (GTAW 22-39)   Not Available
File ID 13994 110. Addendum Application - Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation RESOLUTION NO. 2022 - 3, of the Board of Supervisors, to approve application to the Arizona Game and Fish Commission for the Clay Target Center Shooting Range. This grant request will be for $29,150.00/$29,150.00 General Fund match. (GTAP 22-96)   Not Available
File ID 13979 111. Addendum Pima County/City of Tucson Outdoor Lighting Code Committee · Ratification of reappointments: Hyman Kaplan, Dennis Coon, Craig R. Barron, and Buell T. Jannuzi. Term expirations: 9/4/22. (City of Tucson recommendations) · Ratification of appointment: Amy Oliver, to replace Paul S. Smith. Term expiration: 10/18/25. (City of Tucson recommendation)   Not Available
File ID 13981 112. Addendum Transportation Advisory Committee Appointment of Charlene Robinson, to fill a vacancy created by John Wallace. Term expiration: 1/17/26. (District 3)   Not Available
File ID 13957 11. Contract and/or AwardNorthwest Fire District, Amendment No. 1, to provide for administration of immunizations and testing, extend contract term to 1/26/24 and amend contractual language, no cost (CT-HD-21-292)   Not Available
File ID 13975 12. Contract and/or AwardTown of Oro Valley, to provide for election services (2022-2024 election cycles), contract amount $11,200.00 revenue/2 year term (CTN-RE-22-92)   Not Available
File ID 13972 13. Consent ItemWorkforce Investment Board Reappointments of the following members, term expirations: 9/30/24. (Staff recommendations): · Mark Vitale and Danielle Duarte, representing Business. · Kathy Prather, representing Education and Training; Educational Agency. · Abra McAndrew, representing Education and Training, Higher Education. · Maria S. Sopher, representing State Employment Service Office under Wagner-Peyser. · Jorge Rivero, representing GECD; TANF; Business. · Trish Muir, representing Workforce; CBO. · Vaughn Croft, representing Workforce; Out-of-School Youth Organization. · Barbra Coffee, representing ECDE. Category changes for the following members: · Brad McCormick, from representing Business to representing Workforce; CBO and fill the current seat of Ramon Serrato. Term expiration: 9/30/24. (Staff recommendation) · Ramon Serrato, from representing Workforce; CBO to representing Business and fill the current seat of Brad McCormick. Term expiration: 9/30/22. (Staff recommendation)   Not Available
File ID 13973 14. Consent ItemRedistricting Advisory Committee Appointment of Dr. Sylvia Lee, Ph.D. No term expiration. (District 2)   Not Available
File ID 13974 15. Consent ItemAnimal Care Advisory Committee Appointment of Robin Creehan, to replace Jodi M. Cavanaugh. Term expiration: 6/30/24. (District 3)   Not Available
File ID 13970 16. Consent ItemPrecinct Committeemen Pursuant to A.R.S. §16-821B, approval of Precinct Committeemen resignations and appointments: RESIGNATION-PRECINCT-PARTY: Lynn McCracken-127-REP; Rex McCracken-127-REP; Suzanne Kane-174-REP APPOINTMENT-PRECINCT-PARTY: Mary M. White-089-DEM; Leroy A. Smith-011-REP; Sherry Jameson-098-REP; Regis F. Wiegand-107-REP; Jonathan L. Armstrong-123-REP; Terry C. Chick-127-REP; Terese D. Lind-127-REP; Kimberley Young-127-REP; Phillip Young-127-REP; Angel A. Sanchez-128-REP; Joel S. Gleason-133-REP; Kristi A. Halvorson-145-REP; Steven B. Keppler-145-REP; Steven L. Vander-Heyden-182-REP; Justin W. Jones-218-REP; Robert C. Proebstel-218-REP; Timothy W. Meek-224-REP; Juanita Montoya-233-REP; Kirk E. Taylor-242-REP   Not Available
File ID 13958 17. Consent ItemDuplicate Warrants - For Ratification Town and Country Associates, L.L.C. $2,064.00; The University of Arizona $1,801.00; The University of Arizona $2,519.00; The University of Arizona $2,156.00; GLHN Architects & Engineers, Inc. $3,847.00; Michelle Acosta $46.46; Sharp Electronics Corporation $385.45; Guillermo Kaphan $3,500.00.   Not Available
File ID 13969 18. Consent ItemPursuant to Resolution No. 1993-200, ratification of the Document Storage and Retrieval Fund for the months of July, August, September, October and November, 2021.   Not Available
File ID 13771 19. Consent ItemMinutes: November 16 and 24, 2021   Not Available